Updated Point Roberts Economic Development Plan

In advance of a new review and update of the Point Roberts Economic Development Plan initiated and worked on by the Point Roberts Taxpayer’s Association, here are the follow up documents to the originals composed and presented in June 2012 and again in August 2012 at the Annual General Meeting.


This is a link to the full report


This is a link to the implementation summary that has been followed up with as a task list since August in regular Taxpayer’s Association meetings


This is a specific document referring to beautification projects

The committee working on the Economic Development plan, Ken Cameron, Judson Meraw and Kathryn Booth will be meeting soon to review and revise the plan and report on progress made on current initiatives.

We invite community members, business leaders and people from other Point Roberts groups like the Point Roberts Registered Voter’s and Point Roberts Chamber of Commerce to read the report and follow up documents and give their response and input.

Monthly Meeting – October 1st

All Point Roberts residents are invited to attend our monthly meetings at the Point Roberts Community Center – 1487 Gulf Road.

Map to Community Center

Ian Tait – AGM Speaker – additional resources and information

The Annual General Meeting held on July 25th was well attended and many people took notes on the important information shared by speaker Ian Tait. (See info from meeting and his bio)

He has provided additional links and articles that supplement what was shared at the meeting about upcoming major retail and residential development in Tsawwassen/Delta BC. There will be significant impacts from these that will directly effect our travel through Canada, shopping opportunities and proximity to much heavier tourist traffic. If we can work together with our neighbors to the North there is great potential for overflow tourism and housing sales to dual citizens or US citizens transferred up to the area during development and construction as well as later when everything opens.

Tsawwassen First Nation

TFN mega-mall tip of iceberg of aboriginal development – good artist rendering

Mega-malls plans unveiled by Tsawwassen First Nation – an overview map
Local residents give plans a positive reception

Proposed Mixed Use Development for Tsawwassen First Nation Lands
Tsawwassen First Nation Economic Development Corporation – Backgrounder for TFN Members

Cross Iron Mills Summary and Website

Vaughn Mills Summary and Website
http://www.vaughanmills.com/Views/Directory/Map.aspx#?storeName=&sortBy=alphabetical <http://www.vaughanmills.com/Views/Directory/Map.aspx#?storeName=&amp;sortBy=alphabetical>

Corporation of Delta Community Planning Projects

Tsawwassen – Southlands Official Community Plan Amendment

Ladner – Downtown Ladner Waterfront Revitalization

North Delta – North Delta Area Plan Review

North Delta – MK Delta Lands Group Application

North Delta – Delsom Estates

North Delta – Invest in North Delta Mayors Standing Committee

 Feed The Bees

Feed The Bees – Resources for Gardeners

Feed The Bees – Bee Friendly Plant List for Gardens and Farms

Delta Chamber of Commerce

Delta Chamber of Commerce Event at Earthwise on Monday, July 30th

Earthwise Society

Bee Jammin’ Market Day at Earthwise on Saturday, August 4th – see attached press release


PRTA Summary Tourism and Economic Development July 25, 2012

We need your ideas about economic development in Point Roberts

The Point Roberts Taxpayers’ Association is looking for ideas that will promote a stronger economy in Point Roberts in order to provide needed goods and services locally and enhance the strength of the
community without sacrificing its unique quality of life.

A fundamental goal is to provide jobs and economic opportunity that will enable the resident population
to live and work productively in Point Roberts. While this includes lower‐value jobs for entry‐level
employees, it must also include j obs and business opportunities (and housing) capable of supporting families and other adult households. This will benefit the entire community by providing employment to
support retail trade and enhance property values.

Here are some of the ideas we have generated so far:

  • Enlist businesses with a high volume of traffic (gas stations, mail businesses) in encouraging their customers to extend their trips – support Visit Point Roberts coupon
  • Put up a banner or sign welcoming visitors and encouraging them to extend their stay and to sample a kinder, gentler approach to transportation and recreation.
  • Pursue beautification initiatives on both public and private property.
  • Develop sample day trip packages for families, singles and seniors.
  • Work with the Lighthouse Society, to support and fundraise for plans for the new lighthouse.
  • Revive the Sewer District and explore servicing at least the Gulf Road business district.
  • Hold a meeting on establishing a housing cooperative to provide housing for low-wage employees, including the possibility of establishing a rental pool of seldom used cabins.
  • Establish a year-round tourism board drawing on funds from the lodging tax.
  • Establish a facility for lending or renting bicycles near the border.
  • Encourage a non-powered watercraft rental business.
  • Reach out to the various Vancouver-filmed series, or to the NHL, about the opportunities for U.S. citizens to live at Point Roberts while playing/performing for Canadian organizations.
  • Designate areas for ride sharers to meet.
  • Profile successful Point  Roberts businesses and organizations in articles and radio interviews.
  • Research the number of dual citizens and identify potential attractions.
  • Get speakers from successful similar communities.
  • Write articles on “Why I Love Point Roberts.”

Do you have additional ideas that you think should be considered? Would you be prepared to work on
implementation of some of  these ideas? If  so, please contact Kathryn Booth, PRTA Board Member
working on Tourism and Economic Development at kathryn@pointrobertsradio.com or 360‐543‐7900.
For a full copy of the draft “Economic Action Plan for Point Roberts,” go to www.pointrobertstaxpayers.org .

2011 AGM Draft Minutes

Click here to review last year’s draft minutes in advance of the Annual General Meeting on July 25th

Annual General Meeting – July 25th, 2012

Ian Tait, Immediate Past President Delta Chamber of Commerce

Ian Tait, Immediate Past President Delta Chamber of Commerce

We welcome all Point Roberts, WA residents, homeowners and interested community members to the Annual General Meeting of the Point Roberts Taxpayer’s Association.

Our meeting will be held at Brewster’s Fine Foods on the back patio, with a selection of cheeses, veggies, fruits, dips and other snacks. Cash bar for buying your own beverage of choice. Your Annual membership dues ($10), that can be paid at the meeting, cover the price of the event and our modest budget throughout the year.

The planned schedule is:

6:00 – 6:30    Registration/social

6:30 – 7:00    Business portion

Acceptance of 2011 AGM Draft Minutes

Treasurer’s Report – Jennifer Urquhart

President’s Report – Mark Robbins

Economic Action Plan Overview by Ken Cameron

7:00 – 7:45    Keynote speaker Ian Tait, with Q&A

Brewster’s Fine Foods – 1379 Gulf Road, Point Roberts WA 98281 360-945-4545

 More About Our Speaker

Ian Tait is Immediate Past Chair and on the Board of Directors of the Delta Chamber of Commerce, Delta, BC. He is an experienced entrepreneur, communicator and relationship specialist and will be speaking on several local issues that directly impact our life here on the Point and traveling in and out of British Columbia.

The first topic is the very large retail development being built North of Tsawwassen, BC on First Nations lands. This will create increased traffic and offer new shopping venues.

Major road construction is underway in Delta, BC and this impacts our traffic and mobility now and will have challenges after completion as it will have to absorb more traffic from increases activity at the Delta Port and the new retail development. Bottlenecks at the Massey Tunnel and other locations are anticipated to cause congestion. Ian is familiar with the timeline and plans and will be able to outline potential impact on our travel into Vancouver, to the airport and across to Blaine.

Feed the Bees is Ian’s wonderful project that educates homeowners, commercial property owners and area farmers on how to use less pesticides and bee harming chemicals and how to plant attractive landscaping with bee friendly plants that encourage their health and happiness locally and keep the colonies strong and ready for pollination.

He’ll also reserve some time to answer questions about the above topics. This promises to be a very informative and enjoyable meeting for Point Roberts residents interested in our community and it’s relationship to the surrounding area in Canada.

2012 PRTA Economic Action Plan – Point Roberts WA

Click Here To See Report